Why Are On-Cloud Shoes So Expensive?

On-cloud shoes are suitable for beginners who want to do running. They have various ranges of footwear. Choosing the right running shoes from such a wide selection is difficult.

Let’s imagine you are going for a walk, and you feel clouds under your feet. This is the experience the cloud wants you to enjoy. But many people need to understand the reason for the high prices of on-cloud shoes.  

In this blog, we will discover the reason behind their high price tags and what makes them different from other brands.

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Why Are On-Cloud Shoes So Expensive

Some of The Reasons Why On-Cloud Shoes Are Expensive

Mystery Material of On Cloud Shoes

Every groundbreaking product has its secret recipe or sauce. For the oncloud, there is lots of struggle and research that give cushioning, which isn’t just foam; it’s several hours of hard work.

The design of their shoes gives you a soft yet supportive sensation. While walking, you feel clouds on your feet. It gives you comfort and relaxes your muscles. It is worth it if it costs much more than another footwear brand.

Quality of On-Cloud Shoes

The material used in on-cloud shoes is top-notch. Each fabric is durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. This brand chose higher-cost materials compared to lower-quality options. This is why prices are high because compromise in quality is not worth it.

Why Are On-Cloud Shoes So Expensive

Research & Development of Cloud Shoes

On-cloud shoes spend so much in research and technology to improve their design and to reach the intelligent sensor that adjusts individual foot temperature, improving user experience.

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Durability of on-cloud Shoes

There are several kinds of on cloud shoes designed, some for road running and some for trail running. First, consider what you need, then choose cloud shoes that go best for your requirements.

The Lightweight Design of Cloud Shoes 

On-Cloud shoes are renowned because of their lightweight construction. They used unique materials and techniques to make light pairs of shoes. This specialty is one of the main reasons for the high cost.

On Cloud Shoes Brand Reputation

On Cloud Shoes established itself as a reputable and scoured-for-athletes footwear. They use high-quality materials and performance to maintain their reputation, which increases their price tags.

Collaboration of On Cloud Shoes

They are recognizing that great ideas come from various sources. This brand collaborates with different designers, even customers. Their campaign with models and designers’ approach fosters a culture of successive innovation.

Why Are On-Cloud Shoes So Expensive

What Makes On Cloud Shoes Different from Other Brands?

On cloud, shoes have recently become trending in the United States. Everyone wants comfortable shoes for long-running tracks.

On Cloud has won many awards for its unique design, performance, and comfort.

On’s makes your running and walking smooth. They have high control over the speed board because the layers between the sole and upper part of shoes are bouncy and helion foam. They make extra cushioning in their shoes to comfort you throughout your running. So all these things make it different from all other brands.


Finally, we have learned all the unique materials and high quality used on cloud shoes. These are the possible reasons for their high prices. They are famous because of their cushioning design. On Cloud designs its shoes with your health in mind. 

So, the investment is more than just a pair of shoes. It’s also your health and comfort. After knowing all the reasons, you can easily choose a good pair from this brand, which is worth it.

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