What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear?

Ben Johns is an American professional player of Pickleball. He was ranked #1 player in all three divisions for most of the last three years by the Pro Pickleball Association. Along with, his personal skills he also uses the best equipment to maximize his performance. His sneakers allow him to move around the court while complementing his dynamic movements.

However, here is the need to know what shoes does Ben Johns wears. Ben Johns wears Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes.

Let’s cover in detail Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes that make it an ideal choice for Ben Johns and what specialty those shoes are.

What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear

Ben Johns’ Pickleball Shoe Requirements

Ben Johns needs shoes that can move with him because he plays with speed, power, and accuracy. His shoes need to have better support, cushions, and grip to keep up with his speed. Additionally, airflow is important for ease and peak performance during long games and events.

What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear

Ben Johns Shoes Choice for Pickleball

While selecting shoes, every Pickleball player including Ben Johns considers court surfaces, playing style, foot shape, and personal preferences. Some players want lightweight shoes for agility and responsiveness, while others like cushioning and stability for long games.

However, Ben Johns’s shoe choice for Pickleball is Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes. These shoes are designed with accuracy and innovation to provide comfort, support, and durability for agile and confident Pickleball play on the court. Here are some best features that make these shoes the ideal option for a player like Johns.

Babolat Men's Jet Mach 3 shoes

Matryx EVO Top

The upper part of the shoe is made of Matryx EVO technology, which is a jacquard-woven cloth with the Stable Arch System and Aramid and Polyamide fibers. This frame is very strong, lasts a long time, and fits very well, so Johns can move quickly across the court while staying stable.

KPRSX Cushioning System

The KPRSX cushioning technology absorbs shock and reduces impact during abrupt movements and directional changes. These shoes provide ideal cushioning throughout the game. These advancements improve Johns’ comfort keep his heels in good condition and allow him to perform at his peak for extended periods.

Higher Foot Motion

The heel counter of the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes is designed to improve foot motion and allow smooth transitions and quick recovery between shots. This feature enhances Johns’s agility and maneuverability on the court and provides him with a competitive advantage over opponents.

Michelin Active Flexion

The Michelin Active Flexion outsole is designed to match the extreme demands of Pickleball. It enhances surface area and thickness at pressure spots that efficiently reduce wear and tear while delivering exceptional grip and stability. By optimizing pressure distribution, its outsole reduces the possibility of slippage and gives Johns confidence in every stride.

Babolat Men's Jet Mach 3 shoes

DIN20 Technology

The use of DIN20 technology in the outsole increases longevity and resilience. This system protects the shoes from the repeated stress and abrasion associated with Pickleball motions. This revolutionary innovation extends the life of the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 sneakers and makes them a dependable partner for Johns’ difficult training sessions and competitive matches.

Remember that great athletes like Ben Johns often get their favored shoes modified. They may change the insole, laces, or other parts to suit their likes and playing style. Like Johns, many other players may wear training shoes for comfort and durability and competing shoes for responsiveness and support.

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Brands and Models Worn by Ben Johns

Throughout his career, he used a variety of Pickleball shoe manufacturer’s shoes for his tournaments. He loved to wear HEAD pickleball shoes due to their stability, grip, and comfort, while ASICS shoes are for their cushioning and support. Both brands offer different versions for athletes like Ben to ensure top performance on the court.

My Take on Ben Johns’ Shoe Selection

I believe Ben Johns’ choice of the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 shoes shows his passion for Pickleball. These shoes’ best features help him throughout the game and his additional modification improves the shoe’s performance. So, Johns’ decision demonstrates a deliberate commitment to elite-level performance footwear.

Bottom Lines

Pickleball shoes are essential for both performance and injury prevention. Ben Johns‘ numerous selections show the importance of trying several brands and models to get the greatest fit for his gameplay style and comfort.

We always encourage you, to select shoes according to your needs and ensure that your footwear matches your requirements as Ben Johns has done throughout his career.

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