Do New Balance Shoes Run Small Or Large?

This is a common question among New Balance shoe buyers. Well, there is not a straightforward answer to this query. New Balance offers a wide variety of shoe collections according to foot shapes and preferences.

They generally aim for a true-to-size fit throughout their models. However, individual experiences and styles might be unpredictable. Let’s uncover the aspects that affect New Balance fits and resolve your query Do New Balance shoes run small or large?

Do New Balance Shoes Run Small Or Large

New Balance Sizing Notes

Like many other shoe brands, New Balance also has its size guidelines according to design, material, and target demographic. As a result, assessing whether New Balance shoes run small or big requires a more comprehensive study.

Consistency Across Models

Model consistency is a unique feature of New Balance sizing. Some manufacturers’ sizes vary significantly across models, but New Balance tries for consistency. However, design and use changes may result in differences.

New Balance sneakers are well-known for their various width possibilities. Unlike other companies, New Balance offers a variety of width alternatives for consumers with larger or narrower feet. This can significantly impact shoe fit.

Here are some tips to need to follow before buying New Balance shoes.

  • Most New Balance sneakers fit true to size. Check product pages for sizing notes.
  • Other brands require breaking in, but these shoes fit well right out of the box.
  • Half sizes provide you with more options for a perfect fit.
  • Choose the bigger size if in doubt. Thick socks, insoles, or alternate lacing can change the fit.
  • New Balance features many widths, making it easy to suit your foot.
  • Use the New Balance sizing chart to convert US/EU to UK sizes.
  • Measure your foot length against a wall with a ruler. For precision, measure in millimetres.
  • Due to natural swelling, measure your feet late in the day for the best fit.

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New Balance Sizing Charts

New Balance Men’s Sneakers Sizing Chart

UKEUUSLength (cm)
9.54410.5   28


New Balance Women’s Sneakers Sizing Chart

UKEUUSLength (cm)

Men’s Shoe Width Chart


Women’s Shoe Width Chart


Factors that Affect Fits

Several factors effect on fit of New Balance sneakers to determine whether they run small or big for a person.

  1. Foot Anatomy: Foot anatomy is important for proper shoe fit. Arch height, toe length, and breadth differ from person to person which affects the suitability of a specific shoe size.
  2. Socks Choice: Choosing the right socks might affect how well shoes fit. Thick socks may need a slightly bigger size to allow extra volume, whereas thin socks may demand a tighter fit for maximum comfort.
  3. Activity Type: Sizing choices vary based on the planned exercise type. Individuals who engage in lengthy standing or high-impact motions may want a slightly bigger size to accommodate natural foot swelling and mobility.
  4. Size Challenges: Given the complexities involved, overcoming New Balance size difficulties necessitates a proactive approach.
  5. In-Store Fitting: Visit a physical store and try on several sizes is the most reliable way to discover the best fit. Store workers can provide helpful advice depending on individual preferences and foot features.
  6. Size Charts and Guidelines: New Balance offers thorough sizing charts and fitting recommendations that help buyers choose the correct size. Consulting these charts will help you avoid size mistakes while shopping online.

Bottom Lines

Finally, it is unclear if New Balance shoes run small or large. Instead, it is dependent on a variety of criteria such as model consistency, width options, and personal preferences. Understanding these details and implementing proactive sizing tactics can help consumers improve their chances of obtaining the right fit.

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