Are Air Force 1 Non Slip Shoes?

Nike is a famous, stylish and adaptable footwear in sportswear. In addition, Nike Air Force 1 became a legendary figure in the sneakers market in 1982. They are popular in fashion and sports and widely used in military and healthcare. Still, a question I need to answer: Are Air Force 1 non slip shoes?

Yes, Air Force ones are slip resistant due to their premium outsole, featuring material like EVA, Polyurethane, or high-quality rubber, providing reliable grip and safety.

Let’s have a look in depth at slip resistance qualities of Nike Air Force 1.

Are Air Force 1 Non Slip Shoes

Is Nike Air Force 1 Non Slip?

Nike Air Force 1 has all the qualities you expect from slip-resistant footwear. Its premium outsole is made with high-quality materials that have anti-slip functionality like EVA, Polyurethane and top-notch quality rubber.

Moreover, many grooves on the sole provide a reliable grip on the surfaces. In addition, the round shape outsole protects against slipping. Its best features make Nike Air Force 1 non slip shoes.

Are Air Force 1 Non Slip Shoes

Overview of Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 has been a classic addition to sneakers since 1982. They come in different styles like high top, mid top, low top, super high top, and super low top. So, you can pick the one that you like most.

Many people, including me, like the white color most in Air force1 due to its clean and stylish look.

The Air Force 1 offers versatility with two types of straps, fixed and adjustable Velcro, adding customizable flair.

If you are walking around, playing basketball, or doing everyday stuff, these sneakers are comfy, breathable and would not make you slip.

They are not just shoes but the favorite choice of sneaker lovers worldwide.

Best Features of Slip Resistant Footwear

Materials of the Outsole

Excellent non-slip shoes have an outsole made of rubber or EVA. These materials make the shoes stable and help you to avoid slipping on surfaces.

Dense Notch

The number and shapes of notches in a shoe outsole also matter in making a shoe slip resistant. Shoes with rounded grooves, like hexagonal or circular shapes, also provide slip resistance.

The Tread Pattern

The pattern on the bottom of the shoe is known as the thread pattern. Another characteristic makes shoes slip resistance. Smaller thread patterns, especially rubber ones, provide more grip and traction.

How to Make Your Nike Shoes Slip Resistant?

Suppose you find your Air Force 1 shoes lacking slip resistance. Now worries, here are some practical solutions you can apply and see a visible difference.

  1. Apply this method to make your footwear slip-resistant. Make a thick mixture of rubber glue and salt. Take equal quantity of all. Apply thinly to the outsole and let shoes dry in a shaded, airy place.
  2. Numerous slip-resistant coatings available in the market can be applied to the soles of your Air Force Ones. These coatings will help to improve traction and reduce the risk of slipping.
  3. Add a grip pad to the soles of your Air Force Ones. Grip pads are small, adhesive pads that provide extra traction.
  4. Shoe inserts can also help to improve the traction of your Air Force Ones. Choose inserts that have a good grip and are designed to prevent slipping.

Some other tricks are;

  • Apply a traction-friendly spray on the outsole for better feasibility. Use hair spray if traction spray is too costly.
  • Create multiple notches on the outsole for a sustained grip and slip resistance.
  • Improve slip resistance by grazing the shoe bottom with sandpaper.
  • Wear the shoes on uneven surfaces regularly to enhance slip resistance.
Are Air Force 1 Non Slip Shoes

Alternatives to Air Force Ones for Slip-Resistance

If you need a slip-resistance shoe for office or everyday use. Then, I will suggest some non-slip shoes and Nike Air Force 1.

  • Nike Air Max 90
  • Nike P750
  • Timberland PRO
  • Red Wing Heritage

These shoes’ outsoles grip surfaces effectively, even when they’re wet or greasy. Furthermore, they are frequently composed of materials that do not absorb water, which help keep the feet dry.

Bottom Lines

Nike Air Force 1 stands out in the crowd with its top features: comfort, stability, cushioning, breathability, and non-slip functionality. It is a trustworthy choice for sneakers lovers. I find Air Force 1 Non Slip Shoes. Share your Nike Air Force 1 experiences in the comments!

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