How to Tie Basketball Shoes?

The importance of shoes can not be neglected while playing basketball. In the same way, you must be informed that; how to tie basketball shoes? This shoe has a well-designed structure and gives stability to players’ feet.

Most people are not aware of the fact that they are wearing the wrong size shoes. This is because they don’t know how to tie their shoes. The most common mistake people make is tying the laces too tight or too loose. This makes it difficult to walk and it also causes pain in your feet.

But in case of shoelaces are not appropriately bound, there can be various uncertain situations that would be hard to handle. You may face severe kinds of injuries that can affect your playing performance.

How to Tie Basketball Shoes?

The incorrect trying activity of the shoelaces will end your game so that your ankle and feet get sore. Thus to save players from unusual incidents, we provide the most general techniques for tying the basketball shoes.

These tying techniques have special significance because it helps the person to keep the foot calm and comfortable. There are several tying methods, but choosing the most appropriate is the primary query.

People searched a lot and consulted the professionals to find out which style the feet would remain more stable and protected from slipping. The summation of their research is given next with some authentic and different ways to put shoe strings in.

Let’s dive into the depth of the topic.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes?

The players are always searching for the correct way to tie shoes for their worthy basketball experience. Out of all the tying styles, the players look for the most suitable one. these tying styles will enable players to look modern as well as sometimes provide the most simple appearance for the players.

Through these tying methods, the players save themselves from hurting their foot and ankle portions. The versatility of methods has different purposes. We are presenting the step-by-step guide to familiarize you with different ways of tying shoelaces.

Basketball shoelace is a broad topic to talk about, but here is the crux for your help;

Straight Bar Method

It is the most simple lacing style for people looking for a better option; how to tie basketball shoes for ankle support? 

It is the method that provides a clean appearance to the player’s shoes and lines them with striking tightness. To get the most authentic result, it is better to apply it that pair of the sneaker, which comes up with the team of eyelets (that would be even in number)

Six and the Eight pair of eyelets is most preferable for this. Afterward;

  • Move the laces ribbon through the sets of eyelets on your shoes. And try to keep both ends under the vamp so they won’t move apart. Then you have to adjust the length of both sides evenly.
  • Next, the left lace side has to move inside the eyelets and move straight across to the outside. Then keep on the shoelace thread under eyelets until it reaches the final and last pair.
  • Then move on to the right shoelace, but for this side, the inside of the first eyelet should be run under the third sequence. After this, place it straight to the outside and follow the outside odd outlet pattern.
  • Tie the end of the right shoelace to the bottom side of the eyelet pair; this step will cause the laces to end up above the vamp. It is an alternative to the first step.
  • It will cause both (right and the left) shoelaces to be unique to ate lat pair of the eyelet. Thus you can tie them very quickly at this point.

Criss-Cross Method

It is all-in and one of the most well-known methods to lace basketball shoes out of all excellent ways. It is equally reliable for every style of the basketball shoe pair. This is the traditional method. You can use it professionally and casually with the same level of work and results.

It is most commonly adopted because of its elegant appearance. The players who want to go for some trendy lacing options can effectively consider this one.

For this method of the lacing;

  • Cross both sides of the shoelaces under the pair of eyelets.
  • Cross the end of your shoelaces and move it below the second portion of the eyelet.
  • Keep on repeating the process from the underneath sides until you reach the last pair of the eyelet
  • Whenever you get the last couple, it’s time to tie up the laces, and then you are done.

One-Handed Lacing Style

The one-handed lacing style is another unique and straightforward method of tying the basketball sneakers. One should go for it because it is easy to understand and deals with stability and comfort results for the player.

As the name states that it involves the one side working experience, So;

  • At first, tie up the knot on any side of the shoelace to secure it from moving outward.
  • Start threading the other side of the lace under the right eyelet and end it at the left eyelet. 
  • Next, repeat the same procedure with the second eyelet portion, from the right to the second left. Repeat the same thing till the last part of the eyelet.
  • At last, tie up the knot and finish up the task. On the advantage side, if you want a more appreciating and appealing look, you can even go for hiding the laces. It will end up with a pleasing appearance.

While following up on this method, try to ensure some of the basics. One of them is that there should not be any knots and twists in the shoelaces. Otherwise, it will create a puzzling atmosphere for moving across the eyelet pairs.

The Final Verdict

Once you are familiar with the tying aspects of the shoelaces, it becomes straightforward for you to deal with the basketball shoes and the game experience. You have to lace up your sneakers in an accurately perfect way. Otherwise, your feet won’t feel safer and more comfortable.

In this regard, we try to cover up some general methods; How to Tie Basketball Shoes? These are not only the options, but they all are trendy and very comprehensive in terms of understanding. 

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