How to Stop Shoes from Gapping on the Sides?

Shoes gapping from the side are irritating both functionally and visually. This can cause pain, blisters, and a reason for sliding. Fortunately, many options overcome this problem and provide you with a snug fit.

Whether you are wearing sneakers or any other type of shoes, you need proper knowledge on how to stop shoes from gapping on the sides. In this post, I will explain the major cause of shoe gapping and provide appropriate solutions to overcome this issue. This knowledge will improve your wearing experience and extend your shoe life.

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How to Stop Shoes from Gapping on the Sides

The Major Causes of Gapping on the Sides

As we know, every problem has some cause behind it and in a shoe gaping issue, many things contribute to it.

Incorrect Sizing

Incorrect shoe sizing is the biggest and major cause of shoes gapping from the sides. Whether wearing a too big or too small shoe this frequently causes side gaps. If your shoes are too big, they will slip around and leave gaps on the sides. This could hurt and change the way the shoes look and feel while you wear them.

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Shoe Design & Material

Shoe design and construction material also affect the shoe fitting. Some styles like loafers are naturally looser fitting. However, within a style, there can be variations in fitting depending on the brand and shoe construction material.

Additionally, poor construction or stitching can be a cause of weak side support and unwanted space from the sides. 

Foot Shape

Everyone’s feet are unique and some foot shapes may not exactly line with common shoe designs resulting in gaps. Wider feet or higher arch people may rapidly experience shoe side gaps. So, there is a need to select shoes according to your foot shape and arch type.

How to Stop Shoes from Gapping on the Sides

How to Stop Shoes from Gapping on the Sides? | Prevent Gapping

Here are some solutions to stop shoes from gapping on the sides.

Select the Right Size

In shoe selection, proper sizing is very important. Accurately measure your feet. You can also get exact foot measurements from a shoe shop. All stores offer different sizes of shoes, so you should always try them on first. When putting on shoes, consider the time of day. When your feet are at their widest, try on shoes in the afternoon or evening.

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Select Adjustable Features

Choose shoes with adjustable straps, laces, or buckles. These reduce side gaps by customizing the fit to your foot shape. Additionally, if your shoes come with removable insoles that are replaced with thicker or cushioned ones this can also improve fit and comfort.

Shoes Inserts and Padding

Use inserts and padding to improve the fit of your shoes. Insoles that support your arches can help to fill space and improve your foot stability.

Moreover, a heel grip can prevent your foot from slipping forward and tongue pads can also help to fill in gaps and tighten the fit.

Socks Wearing Strategies

Wearing thicker or double-layered socks might assist fill the space within the shoe and minimize gapping.

Wearing no-show or footie socks can also prevent friction and sliding within the shoe. These have silicone grips on the heel and sides.

Use Lacing Techniques

To improve your shoe fit try some lacing techniques. With traditional lacing, cross the laces as normal and then wrap them around your ankle twice before tying them.

Another option is heel lock lacing, which involves creating a “V” shape around the heel to provide more support and prevent your foot from sliding.

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Use DIY Techniques

You can also apply some DIY techniques to make a tighter fit. Apply adhesive moleskin or fabric tape in shoes insides. This will be a temporary technique but works well.

Additionally, you can also place tissue paper or cotton balls inside the shoe that might help to prevent gapping. This will also be a temporary solution until you discover a more permanent solution.

Consider Professional Alteration

If your shoes continue to gap on the sides and you try numerous ways to solve them then you need a professional assistant. Take your shoes to a professional cobbler for adjustments.

A professional cobbler can offer shoe repair services, they may make changes like adding cushioning, resizing, or even reshaping the shoe for better fitting according to your feet.

Bottom Lines

Well, shoes with side gaps might be annoying but it’s an issue that can be solved with the appropriate technique. You just need to understand the core reason and then apply the appropriate solution as mentioned above. Here are several choices available to help you say goodbye to shoe-gaping problems. So, the next time you put on your favorite pair of shoes, you can be confident that they will not only look good but also feel good on your feet.

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