How to Clean Nobull Shoes?

Your Nobull shoes are your reliable companions in your fitness journey. They are lightweight, comfortable, and supportive helping you to reach your best potential.

However, when you put them through their paces, they may collect stains and grime. Learn a quick process of “how to clean Nobull shoes”, so they look fantastic and work well.

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How to Clean Nobull Shoes

Understanding Nobull Shoe Material

Before starting the shoe cleaning procedure, it’s important to understand the materials and structure of Nobull shoes.                            

Nobull shoes are made from different high-quality materials. Most Nobull sneakers have breathable knit on top. This is a durable material but over time, it does turn yellow.

Some Nobull shoes include suede sheets for elegance and durability. But suede material requires more sensitive cleaning techniques.

Rubber is the standard outsole material of Nobull shoes. It offers excellent traction and durability. To maintain its condition it needs proper cleaning.

So, first, understand the specific features and components of your Nobull shoes so that you may properly adapt your specific cleaning procedure.

Collect Cleaning Supplies

  •  Mild detergent or dish soap
  • Soft cloths (microfiber is best)
  • Shoe cleaner (specially made for your material if necessary)
  •  A small bowl
  • Lukewarm water
  • Paper towels or newspaper
  • Soft-bristled brush (optional)
  • Shoe deodorizer (optional)

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning of Nobull Shoes

1. Preparation

  •  Remove the laces and insoles. Wash the laces separately with mild detergent and air dry.
  •  Remove loose dirt and debris by using a soft microfiber cloth.

2. Dry Brushing

Now, remove dirt and debris with a soft-bristled brush. This is an extra step we will do to clean folded and rough areas that catch dirt fast. Take your time to clean the shoe properly without causing any damage to the material.

3. Mix Cleaning Solution

Make a cleaning solution with lukewarm water and mild detergent or also can add shoe cleaner to make a soapy solution.

4. Cleaning the Knit Upper

  • Dip a soft cloth into the solution and wring it out thoroughly.
  • Gently wipe down the whole top and gently rub a cloth on the stains in a circular motion.
  •  Use a gentle brush to remove stubborn dirt but be cautious not to harm the knit.
  • Rinse the towel often and avoid direct water contact with the suede.

5. Cleaning the Sole

  • To remove dirt and stain, scrub with a moist cloth and some mild detergent.
  • To remove persistent stains, combine a moderate abrasive, such as baking soda, with water.
  • Rinse completely and let air dry.

6. Rinse

Use a clean cloth and lukewarm water to carefully remove soap residue from shoes.

7. Drying

To maintain the shoe shape and absorb moisture, now we need to pack shoes with paper towels or newspapers. 

Try to dry shoes in a well-ventilated area. To maintain the shoes’ material and structure, keep them out of direct sunlight and heat sources such as hair dryers.

8. Final touches

After soaking shoes and laces, you can lace up your shoes again. Also, use a shoe deodorizer to counteract post-workout odours.

That’s all the steps you need to do to accomplish your task “how to clean Nobull shoes”.

How to Clean Nobull Shoes

Do’s and Don’ts in Cleaning NoBull Shoes

Spot clean spills and stains immediately.          Submerge your shoes in water.
Use mild detergent or dish soap for cleaning.  Don’t use harsh chemicals, bleaches, or abrasive cleaners.
Test any cleaning solution on the hidden area first.  Clean suede with water or harsh chemicals.
Brush off loose dirt and debris with a soft brush.Put your shoes in the dryer.
Air-dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area.    Dry your shoes in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
Use a soft-bristled brush for stubborn dirt on the knit upper.     Scrub the knit upper too harshly, as it can damage the fabric.
Invest in a shoe protector spray for added stain and water resistance.Expect water-based stains to disappear completely on suede panels.
Stuff your shoes with clean cloths or newspaper to maintain their shape while drying. Neglect your insoles and laces, as they can also harbor dirt and odour.
Use a shoe deodorizer to combat post-workout odours.  Ignore persistent stains and dirt build-up, as it can become more difficult to remove later.

Final Verdict

Finally, all that you need to know about how to clean your Nobull shoes. Take it step by step to keep them safe. Before you clean the whole shoe, try the cleaning method on a small, hidden area.

Additionally, never put your shoes in the washing machine so that it will destroy them. Make a little effort and make your sneakers fresh and comfortable for many seasons to come. Have you tried any of these methods? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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