How To Clean Basketball Shoes? Effective Tips

Basketball is a precise game. It requires a complete and reliable set of accessories. Among these accessories, basketball shoes are the most important. The right pair of shoes will help them to act swiftly during the play. So, how to clean basketball shoes to improve your performance.

Cleaning your basketball shoes is very important, and it also enhances the life of your basketball shoes. Also, the efficiency and speed of the player are increased when he wears good clean shoes on the court. If you want to get maximum confidence during your gameplay, a regular cleaning schedule is necessary.

 In this article, we are focusing on the best way to clean basketball shoes. In addition to it, we will also cover some essential aspects regarding the cleaning of white soles and the insides of your basketball shoes.

So stay with us till the end and grab some highly informational points to clean your basketball shoes appropriately.

Importance of Cleaning Basketball Shoes

Cleaning basketball shoes is essential because they will get filthy every time you wear them. Basketball shoes are the critical preventers of different injuries during the gameplay. Also, these protect your feet and give ankle support from other hits. Even in the court, they will get dirty and ultimately lose their elegance.

If you do not clean your shoes regularly, they will develop a bad smell, and the deterioration will start soon. After that, it would become difficult for a player to run in these shoes and play a smooth game. 

 If you want to keep your pair of shoes for a longer period and maintain their good shape and condition, follow the upcoming cleaning steps carefully.

3 Ways How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes?

A long list of cleaning methodologies will help you remove all the dust and stains from your basketball shoes. 

Mainly basketball shoes are white, get dirtier, and the stains are much more prominent. Thus you need to know; how to clean white basketball shoes?

 So there is nothing to worry about because we will present all the possible ways to clean your white basketball shoes properly. Let’s highlight these cleaning processes without any further delay.

Cleaning Solutions

You have to clean your basketball shoes after a regular time. So that they do not get filthy. The most commonly used process for cleaning basketball shoes is using different cleaning solutions.

You can find it very easily in markets. In this regard, you have to get water inside a large pot for it. It is suggested to use lukewarm water as it is helpful to clean appropriately. In this mild water, add a tiny amount of cleaning solution.

 Be careful while buying cleaning solutions from the market because any harsh cleaning solution might damage your basketball shoes. Now mix a considerable proportion of solution into the water and make a new solution. Now soak these shoes in this large pot and start scrubbing them with light scrub or soft brush.

Some shoes cannot be soaked in water, so it is better to use toothpaste to clean all the stains and remove the dirt. In this case, you will keep your basketball shoes in your hands. It is one of the easy ways to clean shoes.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Use of Washing Machine

Some people also use washing machines to wash their basketball shoes and clean them properly. It is not suggested to everyone to put on their basketball shoes and it.

 It is a common question by almost every person out there: can you put your shoes in the washer? In this regard, you have to see the instructions of the manufacturer. Some shoes can be placed in the washing machines, so if you have that label, then apply it.

When you wash your basketball shoes in the washing machine, use a very light detergent or cleaning agent. We suggest you remove the inners and shoelaces and wash them separately. After that, put your shoes in a towel or a spare cloth and throw them in the washing machine with light turn settings. 

The benefit of putting your basketball shoes in is that the surface remains in good condition. Once you have washed them, take them out, air dries your basketball shoes. Also, do not place them directly under sunlight.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Using A Toothpaste

Here comes the most seen thing on the Internet. Many people have created such videos where they use toothpaste to remove stubborn stains. Hence you can also use toothpaste to remove different colors on your leather shoes. 

For that, you need warm water. Now add some detergent or cleaning agent to it. Take white paste on a separate cloth or brush and start rubbing the area where you see stains. Set it aside for some time, and after that, pass your shoes from the clean and fresh water.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Indoor vs. outdoor basketball shoes, this cleaning process is equally helpful.

How to Unyellow Shoes?

If you have your basketball shoes in white color, then you must be aware of the problem of cleaning them adequately. No matter how much you wash your white shoes. They will get pale after some time. 

There is a straightforward process for people who are wondering how they can unyellow their shoes.

Use warm water with toothpaste and a tiny amount of dishwashing salt. Soak shoes for some time in this water and, after that, brush them softly. Now you will see a much more significant difference, and the yellowness of your shoes will also fade. 

Make sure that you wipe all the soap out of your basketball shoe and air dries it.

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Basketball Shoes Cleaning Tips

We consider it essential to give you all that necessary cleaning tips for your basketball shoes. Considering these steps, your shoes will last longer and maintain their good condition. Following are some of the most important techniques, you should consider while cleaning and preserving your basketball shoes.

  • Whenever you finish your game, please clean them with a wet cloth. And after every particular time, thoroughly clean your basketball shoes.
  • The primary recommendation for basketball shoes is not to put them in washing machines as it will damage your shoes’ edges and overall quality.
  • Suppose you want to avoid permanent damage to your shoes. You should use light detergents or cleaning agents.
  • To prevent any foul odor from your basketball shoes, put them aside for some time after the gameplay.
  • For the shape of your basketball shoes, one can choose stuffing paper.If you put them in, their condition will not be damaged.
  • It is more convenient to air dry the basketball shoes. Putting them directly under the sun will damage cracked leather, and it will not be wearable after a specific time.
  • We suggest you avoid using bleach on your white basketball shoes. Let us clear you another essential thing: rubbing alcohol or using scented detergent is also not very good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rubbing Alcohol Is Effective For Cleaning Shoes?

 Many people use rubbing alcohol to clean their basketball shoes. But we do not recommend this cleaning methodology as it will deteriorate the quality of leather, decreasing the life of your shoes.

How To Clean The Inside Of Basketball Shoes?

It is effortless to clean the inside of your basketball shoes. For that, you need a mild detergent and warm water. Remove the inners and wash them with a cleaning solution. You can also go for a soft brush.


In the end, you are now very clear about How to clean dirty shoes. By using light detergents or cleaning agents, you can easily remove all the stains and dirt from your basketball shoes. If cleaning your shoes regularly becomes a habit, it will ultimately enhance the life of your basketball shoes.

Also, you will enjoy excellent gameplay with a much higher jump when you are wearing your highly comfortable and clean shoes. 

Moreover, you can use white toothpaste to clean your shoes more effectively. These cleaning methodologies are the same Menand Womenbasketball shoes. So use them and start taking care of your basketball shoes properly.

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