How To Break In Basketball Shoes? 6 Easy Steps

Nothing can be more thrilling than buying a pair of new basketball shoes; it’s like getting your feet and giving them a new house of which they’re not aware. Every player wants to get pro-level basketball shoes that are hardwood and break in them, but it’s not so easy.

It’s the fact that the new shoes come directly from the factory and haven’t been pulled out of the box yet.

Being in the box for months or weeks, shoes are not opened and ready to provide you with comfort. If you directly break in new basketball shoes, you may end up breaking them.

So, how to break into Basketball shoes? That’s the topic that we’re going to discuss in this article. Ensure to be with me till the end so that you can master breaking in basketball shoes.

How To Break In Basketball Shoes?

I’m going to cite each factor in detail; make sure you follow each of them completely. Got it? Cool!

1. Purchase before breaking in

If tomorrow is your basketball match and you’re buying your shoes today, it’s definitely going to harm you. Because your shoes are brand new and can’t fit in your feet well.

Thus, they cause many blisters and some other issues. So you at least purchase your new pair of basketball shoes 1 month before you’ve to use them. This way, you’ll have enough time to use them and get used to them.

2. Choose a comfortable design

Most people choose style over comfort, which is not a good choice, your style can’t win you the match, but your convenience can. It’s not that you shouldn’t get your eyes on flashier basketball shoes; you can but keep the comfort of your feet in mind.

If you’re a player who needs more solidity and ankle support, consider buying top shoes. And if you don’t need so much ankle support, you can go for low-top shoes. Make certain what kind of a player you are and get the shoes accordingly.

3. Use your shoes for small activities first

Since the shoes are new, it’d be a worse choice to get them right into the action. The leather of the shoes will take a while to bend in according to the shape of your feet.

If you try to wear them to a match just the day after you bought them, you’re going to have pain in your feet which would absolutely keep you from playing.

Because new shoes don’t fit any feet well, due to being in the box for months or maybe a year, they tend to remain constant in the box’s shape, which takes time to get used to the shape of your feet.

So, you better use the new pair of shoes casually in your home by doing the home chores and hanging around with your partner. Even, if you go jogging, then consider putting them on would help your shoes to get used to your feet’s shape.

But, don’t run fast when you’re wearing the shoes; it can also damage them and cause you to pain in the feet. Jog slowly and comfortably, enjoying the things around you and taking care of your shoes too.

4. Choose your socks wisely

When it comes to playing basketball, Not just shoes help you break-in, but the socks have to do the trick too. When the shoes are brand new, it’s an excellent choice to make a layer of socks on top of them each.

It may sound eccentric to you, but it’s cardinal. Indeed, it will make your shoes bulky, warm, and give you comfortability while playing, which you’re required to have.

Since the multiple layers of shoes make them tight, your feet will remain relaxed.

5. Do drills in Basketball

I assume now you’ve used your shoes casually, you took them for jogging a minimum of 10 to 20 times, and you wore them while doing house chores.

Now, the shoes should have come into near-perfect shape for the feet, so it’s time to take a step further.

Being a footballer, at times, you have to do some sort of drills, either to snatch the ball from the component or to not let them take the ball, so, try to do these drills wearing these shoes on.

By making different moves while wearing the shoes, you’ll know what type of adjustments you have to make and what’s wrong or right with the shoes.

You’ll get an idea of how you have to play with the shoes and what sort of difficulties you may have to encounter.

Also, it lets you know whether the shoes are fit for your feet, so you can replace them before time.

6. Play small competitive matches

When you’re done with everything cited above, if you go to practice or for playing practice matches with your teammates, consider wearing the new pair of shoes that you bought. It will allow you to know the shoes better.

Like, shoes connect with the floor, how comfortable the shoes are, have you bent the laces during the match, and so on. It’s better to know everything about the shoes before you play a live match.

You can’t be bending the shoelaces over and over, or you can’t be shown as if you’re getting uncomfortable with your shoes. Not just will it affect your game but on your feet also. So, you better know the merits and demerits of the shoes earlier.

Point To Note

You’re a true basketball player as you’ve devoted your time reading this article thoroughly.

I hope now you know how to break in basketball with brand new shoes. The tricks may be tough to follow; however, if you consider them, pretty much each of them you do regularly.

Like, wearing shoes in your casual work, going for a jog, being a player it’s normal for you, playing practice matches with your team wearing the new pair of basketball shoes on, and selecting the right and comfortable socks for you.

You just have to replace your new shows with the ones you already had, that’s it. After that, you’ll be able to break into basketball coolly. If there is any confusion you want me to help you with, just comment.

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