Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Each Game?

Have you ever wondered why do NBA players wear new shoes each game? Is it only because they are trendy sneakerheads?

Well, some players like to wear new sneakers every game, but others don’t because it’s a personal preference. Like the legendary player, Michael Jordan believed that wearing new shoes before each game was lucky and helped him feel “fresh” on the court.

While many basketball players do not wear new sneakers every time. Every NBA player has their own shoes wearing cycle. However, most of them replace their shoes every two to five games to maintain their performance. Even if the boots weren’t worn out, people may change them to clear their minds.

So, changing shoes in each game depends on personal choice, but still, many factors depend on it. Let’s study and uncover each of them.

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Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Each Game

Why Do NBA Players Change Sneakers Between Games?

Every little thing is important for a professional basketball player. NBA players carefully plan and carry out every part of their game, from their routines before the game to the recovery steps they take afterwards.

Whether NBA players wear new shoes every game is one of the many things that affect how ready they are for the game. Basketball shoes are considered superhero equipment in the game. They help players avoid injury and support them. However, basketball sneakers are worn out after intense games and exercises.

Here are some reasons why they switch on a new pair of shoes for every game.

1- Psychological Boost

Changing shoes may give a mental boost to the player. Going onto the court with clean sneakers may boost confidence and freshness. Furthermore, new shoes also provide excellent support, cushioning, and traction, reducing injuries and improving agility during sports.

2- Performance Optimization

New shoes usually have the best support, comfort, and grip. They protect players from injuries and help them move quickly, and these qualities make the game better. Players make sure they have the best gear to play better by putting on new shoes.

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3- Brand Authorizations

NBA players have sponsorship deals just like everyone else. Many players have rewarding contracts with major sportswear companies that require them to wear the most recent shoes on the court. Players may increase brand awareness and benefit from sponsorship deals by changing sneakers between games.

4- Superstition

People who play sports have habits and things they do before a game, and shoes are often part of those. Some players have to play all season in the same lucky shoes. These habits will help you concentrate and feel sure of yourself on the court if they make you feel at ease.

5- Hygiene and Maintenance

Professional basketball is physically demanding, and players’ shoes wear out rapidly. Changing sneakers helps athletes keep their feet clean and their shoes last longer. Switching pairings allows them to divide the workload and support each pair in good shape.

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What NBA Players Do with Their Old Sneakers

NBA players have various methods for dealing with their old shoes. These selections reflect what people enjoy, what is important to them, and how they feel about their shoes.

  1. Keeping Them: Some players keep their old shoes in good shape. They might do this to remember good times or feel proud.
  2. Giving to Charity: Many NBA stars donate their worn shoes to charity. These organizations may sell the shoes at auction to raise funds for charitable causes.
  3. Sharing with Fans: Some athletes present their old sneakers to supporters as presents. They may even add a personal remark or sign the shoes to make them unique.
  4. Recycling: Some sneaker brands provide recycling programs for old sneakers. NBA players can donate their worn-out shoes to these programmers to be recycled into new products. This improves the environment by minimizing garbage.
  5. Selling for Charity: Some athletes sell their old shoes to fans who like collecting them. They frequently donate the proceeds from these sales to charities. For example, NBA player Gilbert Arenas once sold a pair of his old trainers for $50,000, and the whole proceeds went to a worthy cause.

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A Comparison for NBA Player’s New vs. Worn Sneakers

NBA players often have to make the tough choice of whether to wear brand-new or used shoes. Both ways have pros and cons, and the best option depends on personal tastes, performance needs, and superstition. This chart will help you consider the important things in new vs old shoes.

FeatureNew SneakersWorn Sneakers
Grip & TractionExcellent, providing maximum control and preventing slips   Reduced, potentially impacting performance in high-stakes games
Comfort & FeelConsistent and familiar, reducing break-in timeMay require adjustment due to wear and tear
Support & CushioningIdeal support and shock absorption, minimizing injury riskReduced support and cushioning, increasing fatigue and potential risk
Appearance & StyleHard and clean, aligning with desired image and uniform regulationsMay show signs of wear and tear, potentially affecting personal branding
Performance ConsistencyEnsures consistent feel and performance throughout the seasonRequires adaptation to slightly different feel and grip
Breaking-In PeriodNo break-in required, offering immediate comfort and performanceMay require some break-in time for best comfort
Cost & SustainabilityHigher cost due to frequent replacementsLower cost, but raises sustainability concerns
Superstition & PsychologySome players believe new shoes bring good luck or improve mental focusMay feel less confident or “lucky” in worn shoes

What Are Player Exclusives (PE Shoes)?

Player Exclusives or Pes are shoes that are only accessible to the top players. These are limited editions. Consider them limited-edition of basketball sneakers. PEs come in various colours, and players may customize them with their nickname, jersey number, or even their favourite cartoon figure. Only a few PEs were produced, which makes them extremely rare and desirable to fans.

Some PEs may have unique features that provide players an advantage on the court, such as different materials or additional support. Famous athletes collaborate with Nike, Adidas, and Jordan to create these one-of-a-kind sneakers.

You can only buy PEs in stores for fortunate people at discounts or charity events. When you see an NBA player wearing distinctive sneakers, keep in mind that they aren’t simply showing off but they are wearing a piece of basketball history.

What Are Most Wearing NBA Player’s Shoes?

All-Time Classics

  • Air Jordan 1
  • Adidas Superstar
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star
  • Reebok Pump Omni Lite
  • Nike Air Max 1

Modern Legends

  • Nike LeBron 20
  • Under Armour Curry Flow 10
  • Puma Clyde Hardwood
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 6
  • New Balance Kawhi 2

New Releases to Watch

  • Nike Book 1
  • Jordan One Take 5
  • Li-Ning Way of Wade 10
  • Under Armour FUTR X ELITE
  • Converse NBA Jam All-Star BB EVO

Bottom Lines

To sum up, whether NBA players wear new shoes every game is challenging. Some players like how new shoes make them feel and how they perform, but others care more about comfort, tradition, and usefulness. Ultimately, the choice comes from personal preferences, customs, sponsorship deals, and money issues. NBA players want to be the best on the court, no matter their shoes. They want to give it their all with every step.

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