Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Most Supportive High Top

Do you feel difficulties searching for a great pair of basketball shoes with exceptional ankle support? We can help you pick for yourself the best basketball shoes for ankle support. Every professional athlete may not and should never choose a simple basketball footgear; instead, they should seek the most prominent and branded ones.

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Many players are determined towards their game; therefore, they will require the best shoes to wear with a sprained ankle. An athlete should have to care for his joints and to protect them if injured in the past anywhere. While playing the best games there, running on the grounds can put them into awful pain. So for men and women, the best quality basketball shoes with ankle support are available to avoid such problems.

As basketball athletes move vigorously around the field, they will undoubtedly need shoes with good arch and ankle support.

Most probably, athletes can get injured while playing on the court, which could be due to their shoes; for this reason, we have reviewed some best footwear for their weak ankles.

Even if you’ve not faced an issue like the injury, we can suggest you protect your bones with suitable footwear because this can be very helpful for you to move from one corner to the other with the protection of the joints.

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Top Picks With Quick View

Nike Zoom Freak 1
Nike Zoom Freak 1
  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Rubber Sole
  • Adjustable Laces
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adidas Crazy Explosive
adidas Crazy Explosive
  • Mesh Pattern
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Breathable
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Under Armour Men's Lockdown
Under Armour Men’s Lockdown
  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Silhouette Style
  • Lace Free
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Nike Kyrie 6  Nike Kyrie 6
  • Bouncing Shoe
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Soft Rubber Sole
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  • Mesh Fabric
  • EVA Midsole
  • Breathable
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PEAK High Top Mens  PEAK High Top Mens
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Multi-directional Moves
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Nike Lebron Soldier
Nike Lebron Soldier
  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Heel Protection
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Nike Hyperdunk X TbNike Hyperdunk X Tb
  • Rubber Sole
  • Heel Cushioning
  • Ankle Support
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Lebron Soldier XIVLebron Soldier XIV
  • Artificial Material
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Ankle Support
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adidas Men's Dame 5adidas Men’s Dame 5
  • Rubber Sole
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Ankle Protection
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Let’s Start the Performance Review on These Outstanding Picks

In this article, we have examined the ten best sneakers for professional and enthusiastic basketball sportspeople. Each pair of shoes comes with crucial features that make us compelled to keep them in our top 10 list. Apart from this, we have also analyzed some of the possible injuries of the ankle. You should be well aware of your choice and the characteristics of these basketball shoes with ankle support.

Nike Zoom Freak 1 – High Top Basketball Shoes
Ankle Support

Zoom Freak 1 comes with a solid upper construction that makes it more supportive. We are looking for comfortable shoes and provide support to the ankle. The internal forefoot containment system allows your foot to the band in a stable position, making a game easy for you.

These shoes provide a great fit to the foot that is best for step-back jumpers. Athletes during a basketball match execute spin moves; therefore, these shoes can be a perfect choice for them.

Zoom Freak 1 have extra cushioning because of their dual Zoom Air units beneath the heel. They are exceptional shoes because their outsoles provide multidirectional grip. These are great pairs of shoes for ankle support; in them, you can add an extra ankle brace if needed.


  • A perfect sneakers grip on a court
  • These clogs have a cushioned collar
  • Rubber for sidelong steadiness
  • This footwear comes with a dual zoom air units technology


  • It can get dirtier quickly because of pores in the body

Nike Kyrie 6 – Basketball Shoes With Good Ankle Support

The Kyrie 6 are high-level basketball sneakers made of a mixture of leather and mesh. The lattice of the shoes has excellent breathability that allows the exchange of moisture between the atmosphere. Furthermore, the rigid heels of the boots make them resilient to different conditions. This version of the Nike series is the best shoes for walking in the sand for outdoor basketball matches.

Their unique feature is keeping your ankle straight when you hit a basketball during the game. These shoes apply to athletes even during summer when feet get wetter than in other seasons. The strengthened toe box saves you from scrapping, and your momentum will remain the same during the match.

It has less weight that keeps you stable when you are moving. These clogs can be best for all types of court surfaces because of their outsole design and decoration.

This type of basketball sneakers can be a perfect choice for those who want extra flexibility, firmness, and cushioning. They can be the best footwear for ankle support.

Along with all the best pairs of footwear, you can find it better in the form of leather shoes with good ankle support.

These are not just shoes for playing games, But they are stylish. Although this is sports footwear, you can take advantage of its design which is best to wear with your clothes.


  • They are lightweight, and breathable which keeps your feet dry during the match
  • Best for various game fields
  • Material included leather and mesh
  • Zoom Air Turbo unit technology is used


  • These shoes are narrower than other basketball shoes

LI-NING Power VII – Best Sneakers For Ankle Support

LI-NING POWER VII comes up with a multilayered structure for Utmost support. As basketball athletes continuously move around the field, we recommend these shoes for the best shock-absorbing and sneakers for ankle support. The light-foam midsole gives them lightweight property.

You’ll need the best high-top sneakers for ankle support for protection from fractures. LI-NING power VII could be the best option for you, and you’ll love to buy it.

Even though these are not popular brands for athletes, still you can have a better experience when using these sneakers.


  • Multilayered structure
  • These shoes are shock-absorbing
  • Best basketball shoes for Achilles support
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Flexibility has been upgraded
  • Basketball shoes are easy on your knees


  • Not worthy for a slim feel

PEAK Men’s High Top – Outdoor Basketball Shoes

These basketball sneakers are best for an outdoor game, and they have good ankle support. Peak street ball master shoes are affordable without losing the quality.

The grip and the style of this shoe make them stable and durable. The hardened midsole area of the shoes is one of the best characteristics of the clogs. The material used for its manufacturing is rigid and firm.

Best running shoes for ankle support need to be durable, of good quality, made of resistant material, stable, and provide traction throughout the match.

These shoes are introduced to make some more manageable steps with the help of super high-top footwear due to joint pains. Also, it will give you some relief in walking and playing with the injuries.


  • They have stiff midsoles
  • They are affordable with great standard material
  • Comfortable arch
  • Breathable toe box
  • Fit for narrow feet


  • Less shock absorptive shoes
  • It may not be suitable for indoor games

Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG – Most Supportive Shoes

Nike is famous for its high-quality shoes, and They are comfortable and durable. Furthermore, last for an extended period. Lebron Xiii is the recommended model of Nike products. This brand produces the best high-top shoes for ankle support for basketball players. The L.E.A.P technology has made it more resistant to various conditions.

Many players who want to have ankle protection should use shoes with good ankle support. These shoes have good aeration and can keep your feet cool and dry during long matches. The loftiest part of the shoes provides support to the ankles. The Men’s Lebron XIII supportive basketball shoes have soft collars and soles, which give you an extra brace in the best outdoor basketball game. You can not feel uneasy with these best ankle support basketball shoes, even worn for long.


  • The clutch of the shoes is unparalleled
  • Men’s Lebron XIII Nike shoes are elastic and durable
  • Their soft collar provides extra grip
  • They are the most durable outdoor basketball shoes
  • They have tiny pores on the upper side of shoes that keep them breathable
  • These are lightweight and pliable


  • Their slim shape may trigger the performance of certain players

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk – For Weak Ankles

The Hyperdunk shoe available in an attractive look and colour . The synthetic fibers that make them the best supportive basketball shoes are an essential feature, and these shoes provide extra traction and protection to the forefoot of a player. Whether you are a slow player or a fast-paced player, these shoes can best fit your choice.

They are more comfortable when used in hot weather because of their breathability feature. The Men’s Hyperdunk is the best shoe model for preventing ankle injury. Not every court is plain; courts can have many twists, ups, and downs. Therefore, these shoes can be a perfect choice to be used on uneven ground. These shoes can best fit your feet due to their laces which support your ankle.


  • Prevent ankle sprains
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • They have less weight and provide freedom of movement
  • They are supportive in any condition
  • They are made of synthetic fibers


  • These shoes are hard to fit, which will be irritating for many players

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown – For Ankle
And Knee Support

Best sneaker for ankle support under Armour Men’s will be the lockdown version. These shoes provide extra support to your ankle during your random running. They have a mid-high top but are still effective to be worn. These high top basketball shoes have proper ankle support.

Its unique features contribute to a high level of protection along with extra comfort, which will never let you feel exhausted. Also, its blend sole will render you the extra grip. Furthermore, its traction design helps you to move the ankle quickly without any grief.

The mixture of resistant mesh and leather on the loftier part of the shoes makes them long-lasting and supportive. You are reviewing the ankle support shoes, so they can best fit your choice.


  • They are available at a reasonable price
  • Their mesh is firm
  • Players can have free movement due to its synthetic leather
  • The overall materials of the shoes are of good quality


  • These shoes have poor breathability
  • Heels can feel rigid sometimes

Nike’s Lebron Soldier X – Best Shoes For Bad Ankles

Lebron Soldier X version is a perfect choice for ankle support. These shoes lack laces and are surrounded by three belts, and those are applicable for aggressive players who play the game fastly. Lebron Soldier X is the best Nike basketball shoe for heavy players.

These best shoes are long-lasting, thanks to their leather-made soles that give them more traction and firmness.

Many players who play outdoor games should consider a shoe with more traction. Outdoor courts can be rough where slipping chances are higher than in indoor courts. They are basketball shoes with good ankle support and protect the ligaments from stretching and tearing apart.


  • The design of Nike’s Lebron Soldier X is pretty and eye-catching
  • Soles are resistant because of their leather
  • These are the best shoes for weak ankles


  • These shoes don’t have laces

Adidas Crazy Explosive – Light Boot With Ankle Support

Adidas Crazy Explosive basketball shoes may be one of the options for those athletes who want to have a better performance on a court. These shoes are stable and deliver a good game experience during the match. The middle part of the shoes comes with extra stability and flexibility that render ankle support to the feet. The lower basal part of Adidas Performance Crazy 8 allows athletes to move instantly during the match. These basketball shoes are durable, stable, and provide grip to the player.


  • These shoes have a middle stability feature
  • Its synthetic leather makes them resistant
  • The sole of the shoes provides grip to the players


  • There are minimal colour options; therefore, it will be hard for many players to pick one of them

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Best Ankle Protection

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 shoes are lightweight and a better option for aggressive players. These shoes are breathable that keep your feet dry when you play for too long, and the midfoot banking barrier offers extra stability to the players. Outsoles are designed for those athletes who change their position abruptly. Furthermore, Damian Lillard’s signature style is the key feature that makes it a better option for buyers.

Also, these are pretty in size and cute to attract people to your side.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extra cushioning gives stability to the shoes
  • These shoes are breathable


  • Rubber reduces the flexibility of the shoes
  • May not be resilient


The Reasons To Buy The Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Ankle injury is a severe problem for athletes, and this can spoil their performance for an extended period. Therefore, they should not take it lightly and think about saving themselves from an ankle injury. Ankle gives forward, backward, up, and down movement to the foot.

That’s why a slight injury can take you to bed for many days. This injury can disturb your gaming style and rhythm. Also, you can lose your rank in the game and find yourself on the backside of the game. So, this is very important for you as a player. You have to protect yourself from all of the major injuries.

You’ll sooner or later feel that Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support can positively impact solving this problem. Moreover, footwear with braces can also help you in this regard.

If you want to be a consistent player, you need to be fit and healthy. Especially for a basketball player, joints should be well.

We have reviewed some of the best ankle support tennis shoes that will keep your ankles fit to overcome this issue.

Every type can severely impact your steadiness, stability, and effectiveness during the game on the court. We are going to explain each type of injury one by one. An athlete can have one of them.

1. Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is most common in those athletes who move their ankle vastly and twist their muscle ligaments. If an ankle sprain occurs in any athlete, he may not play a game at least for a month because this internal wound heals slowly. High-top basketball shoes prevent ankle sprains since they are made to overcome this complication.

2. Ankle Fractures

Fractures occur when the tibia or fibula in your leg gets fractured by a brutal shock. It is a more serious problem than an ankle sprain and can make you ill. It can get worse if not treated; this way, you will be out of the game at least for a month or more than that.

3. What Is The Best Shoe For A High Ankle Sprain?

Sprains occur in a fast-moving player who plays aggressively. Luckily, its healing time is lesser than the above two types of injury. In addition, ankle strain occurs when there is extra stress on tough fibrous tissue that connects bones with muscles.

But, you will still be more likely to feel uncomfortable when having this injury as it may disturb your consistency.

4. Cut

Best running shoes for ankle support should have high cuts. High-cut shoes are better than low-cut shoes because low-cut shoes have very little ankle support. A pair of high-cut shoes that cover their ankles will be a better choice for proper ankle support and traction for basketball players.

They play fast and vigorously; therefore, the ankle should have appropriate permission.

Furthermore, the cut is one of the best features of high-top ankle support shoes. Interestingly, there are three types of basketball shoes, i.e., High-cut, mid-cut, and low-cut shoes.

But, overall, we recommend mid-cut shoes, which give enough space to your foot in a shoe. They have greater mobility and ankle support because of their straps.

5. Outsole

Unlike other shoes, the outsoles of basketball shoes are manufactured from simple materials. Material is not always necessary; we should look towards the reliability and support of these shoes for ankles. Usually, athletes play indoor basketball games where you will require shoes with a smaller tread. But, for outdoor fun, the tracks should be deeper as they have a better sticking point. For proper traction on a surface, the herringbone design of the tread will be more impelling. Though basketball shoes don’t have variations in their material, they still have good arch and ankle support.

6. Basketball Shoe Closure

There are many types of closure available in many kinds of basketball sneakers. Closure usually plays a significant and critical role in fabulous shoes. These high ankle basketball shoes have adopted various methods to increase ankle stability.

Below, we have explained some types of closures that are available in different footwear.

6.1. Traditional

It is the most well-known type of closure. The eyelets go through the entire length of the shoes, as well as the perpendicular opening.

This type of closure is prevalent in many types of shoes for good reasons; also, its modish shape is from the changeable category.

The marshaling of the eyelets is that which relieves ankle support level. Mostly, you like that the eyelets’ measurement will go to full of the top, including the vertical opening. Ankle brace with shoes offers excellent supportive comfort.

6.2. Hook

Along with a traditional closure, these basketball sneakers also have hanger closures. Hook in these shoes helps you wear them quickly; therefore, you will feel comfortable using these clogs.

6.3. Strap

The manufacturers have introduced the strap design to fortify the closure in these outrigger shoes. You can find Strap in many of these shoes.

7. Midsole

Midsoles prevent the ankle from injuries occurring during the game. Since the midsole doesn’t directly support ankles, it provides stability and easy movement to a shoe.

It should be resistant and firm against many courts where athletes play instantly. Basketball ankle support shoes have the best stiffness and are multilayered specially designed for aggressive players. 

We explained about some Best basketball shoes for flat feet that you may buy.

8. Cushioning

Cushioning is one of the crucial features of these shoes because it gives comfort to your ankle during the game. Buffering is vital in basketball shoes as it provides a rebound effect for the next move in a match.

9. Traction

Noticing traction of basketball shoes should be remarked before buying a pair of them. We are looking for shoes with the best ankle support, but basketball shoes should have both ankle support and a proper grip during a game. The basketball game is a game of continuous running; therefore, shoes must have traction to keep you up on the court.

10. Material

Basketball shoes with ankle support don’t have a single material because they are made of a mixture. Leather was the main component in the past. But now, due to advancements in technology, manufacturers make these shoes with leather, mesh, synthetic materials, and rubbers. Leather provides durability to the boots, and the rubber keeps your feet steady. Basketball shoes manufacturers use rubber in the sole, leather in the abrasive area, and mesh in the tongue and upper area of the shoe. 

11. Breathability

Shoes should not only be comfortable, durable, and good-looking, but also it should have a breathability feature. Since athletes use them for a long time, your feet will sweat a lot that may irritate you. Wet feet for a long time will get an infection from a fungal attack. This way, you will get sick and will be out of the team. Many shoes have breathability problems. Therefore, thorough research is needed from an athlete before finalizing a pair of shoes.


Basketball is a sport of abrupt and continuous movement on the field. You can have indoor games as well as outdoor games depending upon your choice. Outdoor games are different from indoor games in many aspects where your play can be affected by the outer atmosphere. Subsequently, some athletes may find it challenging to select a proper pair of shoes for themselves, as we have explained some of the best high tops for ankle support.

Therefore, gamers should look for shoes with less possibility of injuring them. These best low-top basketball shoes for ankle support give extra traction to players during the game.

Moreover, these basketball shoes with ankle support for men reduce friction and save your knee and ankle from several slashes.

Before finalizing any shoe for yourself, you should consider some things such as your playing style, your ankle response, risk of injuries, and many more.

In conclusion, below we are going to recommend some best Basketball shoes for your game.

Editor’s Choice

You can buy one of them, and you will have a better experience and memorable game with this shoe. Most of our users had purchased these shoes, and they have shared a great experience with us.

So we suggest that you should also buy them and make your games easier to plate with the best basketball shoes for foot support.

Anyone who is a basketball player and wants to enjoy all the sides and corners of the games needs a perfect joint. But if he faces any injury, then we are suggest some excellent shoes for the ankle guard.

When reading the above information about the shoes and ankle injuries, you may feel relaxed, and you will adopt one of your favorite pairs from them quickly.

Finally, it thoroughly depends upon an athlete who wants to buy shoes for using them in the field.

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