Are Crocs Edible? Interesting Facts of Crocs

Have you ever heard the funny story about a camp counsellor who cooked up Crocs shoes and served them as candy?

Well, that is where the idea of edible Crocs started. But, the reality is different from this, Crocs are not intended for consumption.

Even though the stuff from which they are made will not harm you. If you accidently eat a bite of Crocs there is no nutrition in them.

Let’s uncover the hidden mystery of are Crocs edible. In this post, I will share some interesting facts about it and why this is not a good idea.

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Are Crocs Edible

Is It True That You Can Eat Your Crocs Shoe?

While there is no scientific study on eating Crocs. Some brave (fool) souls make this attempt and post it on the internet which goes viral.

However, Crocs are made from non-toxic materials but this is not meant to eat them. They lack nutrients and could cause digestion problems.

There are a lot of claims that Crocs can be eaten. Some people say that Crocs can be eaten easily because they are made of natural resin and non-toxic materials. Is there any truth to this idea?

Let’s find out more facts on whether are Crocs edible or not from its material.

Crocs Shoes Material Facts

The material of Crocs is different from other leather or cloth shoes. They are made of something special called Croslite.

Croslite is a unique material that has many qualities. It is a lightweight and water-resistant resin material. This makes Crocs perfect for wearing after swimming or on rainy days.

Additionally, Croslite is soft and flexible which gives a comfy fit. Unlike other shoes, Crocs don’t easily crack or break. This also has the ability of odour resistance.

Well, these are the best properties of Croslite, if you think these make them edible so, this is not right.

However, different chemicals make up croslite, but about 98% of it is a plant-based material called “feedstock.”

No matter how much this material sounds like something that would be good to eat, it’s not even close. Some of the things that are used as feedstock are not safe for humans to eat, like ethylene and vinyl acetate.

Other Material Used in Crocs

While Crostile is the main material of Crocs other materials like nylon straps and EVA foam are also used in certain designs. These extra details make the idea of “edible Croc” even more difficult to understand.

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What Factors Make Crocs Unsuitable for Health

Some interesting factors that you need to know if you are thinking of testing Crocs for edible.

The logic behind eating Crocs is that they are made up of non-toxic material so why not eat them?

Well, not toxic does not equal to edible.

  • Our bodies don’t have the enzymes to break down Croslite and other parts of Crocs. In other words, they wouldn’t be good for you and might even make your digestive system have problems like bloating or blockages.
  • Furthermore, the chemicals used to make Croslite are not suitable for humans and possibly bad for your health.
  • Crocs have almost no nutritional value, even if they can be digested. They don’t have enough energy, vitamins, and minerals to stay alive. Those who try this report it has a rubbery texture and an unusual flavour.

So, it is not a good idea to eat them. Crocs are made for your feet not for your plate.

Still some people debate it can be a edible option but we personally don’t agree.

Are Crocs Shoes Made of Crocodile Skin?

There is also a misconception about Crocs shoes due to their name. Are Crocs shoes made up of crocodile skin, well they are not made of crocodile skin. Instead, they’re made of Croslite foam which is called after the crocodile owing to its roughness.

The Bottom Line

This post gives you a better logical understanding of are Croc edible or not. Crocs are a great choice for shoes, but there are much better foods out there. So, leave your Crocs on your feet and discover the world of tasty and healthy foods.

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