Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking Casually?

Basketball shoes are designed specifically for the needs of court players. But, these days it’s become a fashion to wear sports shoes causally with outfits for walking. However, a general question asked by shoes and fashion lovers, are basketball shoes good for walking casually?

So, yes, you can wear them casually with your favourite outfits. Still, you must have some knowledge before selecting a pair of casual basketball shoes as you have seen many shoe brands in the market, like Nike, Addidas, Puma, ASICS, and many more. All brands are good to go with them, but it’s all about your feet’ structure and choice. You can wear basketball boots in casual walking, but it’s better to keep a separate pair of sports sneakers for playing on the court.  

are basketball shoes good for walking

If we see the history of basketball shoes since 30 years ago, they were only used in basketball courts, and they were much heavier in weight, but now thanks to shoe companies who use the latest material and make them lighter.

But must keep in mind, Shoes have high-top and stiff rubber soles which can make it difficult to walk, especially on slippery surfaces. The shoes upper is made of a synthetic material that is not as breathable as many other types of footwear, which can make it uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking Casually?

It’s lovely to wear game footwear for causally wearing and walking. I have designed this article to keep in mind all the factors you need to know about wearing sports shoes casually. And add some trending and stylish sneakers recommendation corner.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually
Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking All Day

Style is the main feature in casual wear, and comfort is another top quality. If you don’t feel comfortable with your casual wearing, it’s difficult for you to perform your best in your routine life. Select a pair whose inner sole is soft and does not harm your feet and outer sole is stiff that bear the outdoor rigid surface.

In the modern era, everyone wants an elegant collection of their dress and footwear to make his/herself outstanding, among others. And basketball shoe brands have a wide range of fabulous designs to fulfill customers’ demands.

Although all sports sneakers are designed with unique comfort, grip, traction, and durability features. But walking all day decrease their performance and appearance.

So, it’s suggested to use a spare pair for casual use and clean your footwear to maintain their grip and enhance their age.

Wearing Basketball Shoes Outside

As we know, the outside surfaces are rigid and unbalanced. So, it isn’t easy to maintain our-self in walking on those surfaces. When choosing a basketball shoe for casual use, select them from the outdoor basketball category.

Can You Wear Basketball Shoes Casually

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking All Day?

Yes, it is good for all day walking and running. Basketball games involve lots of running and walking, so its okay to wear them all day walking.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing a hurting pair of shoes. Stability and comfort are the main features of any footwear. It isn’t easy to find a stylish pair that gives comfort. Find a best pair for your feet.

Best Basketball Shoes To Protect Ankles

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking

When you want to wear a basketball shoe as casual wear, you must keep in mind that they should be low-cuts, as wearing high-cut basketball footwears all day will affect your mobility and not comfortable for walking.

So, select the best sneakers that protect ankles, and give arch support to your ankle.

However, basketball sneakers are heavier than others footwear, so if you have bad ankles or have some ankle injuries, it’s not safe to wear them all day.

Additionally, select athletic sneakers with excellent ankle support. You may easily get bruised during your routine life without any ankle support. By this way, it will affect the ankle and destroy your tempo and aggressiveness. You cannot become fit for too long, so be careful before having a pair of footwear.

Some Related Shoes: Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

How To Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

This is a fashion of the day to look fantastic and give swag with trendy fashionable outfits and sneakers. Stylish basketball sneakers have become the most demanding product due to their looks and durability. Usually, high tops are more attractive than low tops gaming footwears.

Generally, gaming shoes are designed with high cuts. Select baggy jeans with high cuts basketball sneakers is a bad combination. Because it’s cover the ankle and hides the sharp look of your boots.

For fashion enthusiastic, I will recommend selecting low top shoe with baggy jeans, or choose a slim-fitting jeans with high tops shoes. Cuff and roll out your pant maximum 1.2 inches for best glance.

Similarly, a flashy color with your lighter jeans, this combination makes your sneakers more prominent and outstanding. You can wear this combination in parties or other special events due to their elegant look.

Besides this, for shorts, high tops basketball sneakers seem good. They give a classy look with shorts and the best combination for casual walking.

Understanding the Colours

Multiple attractive designs and footwear colours are available in the market to increase your charm. You can wear black, grey, white and navy blue colours with everything, rather than the main attraction. Tan, army green, and red are also those colours you can opt for with many outfits.

Have a look at some trendy basketball sneakers wearing style;

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking

Is It Bad To Wear Basketball Shoes On Concrete?

You can use outdoor basketball on concrete because their outer sole is more rigid then indoor basketball shoes. You can also use this footwear in other games, but you need to change your shoes after 1-6 months. It depends on how much you use them.

Which Basketball Shoes Should I Buy For?

Wearing and selecting sports shoes publicly is a tough decision. To resolve your query, I have selected some casual wearing sneakers. This will help you to resolve your query about, are basketball shoes good for walking casually?

Lou Williams Streetball Master

Lou Williams Streetball Master are breathable, non-slip outdoor sneakers, that have excellent cushioning. This shoe outsole is anti-slip and lightweight, easy to wear all day.

Men’s Women’s High Top Casual Wear

Men’s Women’s High Top sneakers have EVA material which makes them lightweight and cushioned. Non-slip sole supports your feet in walking.

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV shoes is the best choice. They provide ankle support and support in mobility issues. Very comfortable and great for the entire day walking if you work standing up all day.

Air Jordan XXXVI

Air Jordan XXXVI have a hard outsole rubber. Very comfortable heel.  This shoe is specifically designed for the court, so you can’t use them for a long time on outdoor surfaces.

Can Basketball Shoes Break in Casual Wearing?

Sports shoes can be worn casually, but if proper cleansing is not provided to sneakers after every use, they will soon dirty and give a bad odor.

Basically, outdoor basketball boots are designed for outdoor rough and tough surfaces, and if proper care is not provided, then their outer rubber sole is affected and soon breaks out. To keep their stability and grip, always keep them in the air after every use and properly clean them with some shoe cleaners.

Some outstanding performance cleansers are;

Final Verdicts

In the final verdict, we back to our question “Are Basketball Shoes Good For Walking Casually?”, So, in my opinion, you can use them for walking causally but better to use a separate pair for your game by doing this, you can show your best performance on the court and casually.   

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