Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running?

Have you wanted to buy Basketball shoes, but you are a runner and like to walk? So no worries, there are so many ways to wear different shoes at some moments. In this article, we will discuss Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running?

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running?
Are Basketball Shoes Good For Running

Among them, you can buy any basketball boots just for gaming, but some people can use them during running and walking. Well, its not a good thing, because basketball shoes are not suitable for running. They are designed just for playing games, not for running anywhere.

In running shoes, their soles are thicker than gaming shoes. Also, they are heavier, thinner cushions. The running shoes are less in weight than the gaming.

Can you run in basketball shoes?

You can run in basketball shoes, but you will never feel all the comforts in them. But if you have not covered the long-distance, you can use them for some time. And if you have to cover the longer distance, we suggest that you take the running shoes, not the gaming.

On the other hand, you can never play basketball in running shoes. Because they have high heels, and you will feel the high ankle sprained.

Moreover, if you wear basketball shoes while running, you can lose your grip and feel bad during the game.

Best Shoes for Jogging

When you can run and walk, your shoes have the specialties of jogging and running. Because with the jogging shoes you can run and walk anywhere easily.

There are many places where you place your steps in upper and lower places. So you can wear jogging shoes, there will be an effect on your feet due to their running factors.

There are no worries about how much distance you have to cover with jogging footwear in a day.

Types of Basketball Shoes | High Top vs. Low Top

There are many different categories of players who will choose the best one. Because different players have different choices, they have to choose their favorite one.

High-Top Basketball Shoes

It is a category of shoes with the most support for ankle injuries. Because this is an injury many players have faced, they have to take very supportive shoes to the ankles.

Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

These boots are also very supportive because they can protect the ankles from severe injuries. Also, you can move your foot on a broader range.

Low-Top Basketball Shoes

For those players who are very fast and want to move faster while playing, these are the very best footwear.

These are lightweight boots and more supportive than the upper two types.

Understanding Types of Running Shoes

Many beginner players buy the shoes at the start of the game, but they cannot know something better because different shoes are available in the market.

So we will now discuss the understanding types of running shoes for better grips and walks.


Pronation means those who put their feet in boots but don’t care how they take the steps. So there are two types of runners, under-pronators and overpronators.

Running shoes are made for the comforts of the runners. Also, these are made for better movements during the running. But if you can wear basketball shoes for running, this is not better because basketball shoes are made for playing sports, not running.

Those people who have low arches are leid in the overpronation basketball shoes. And those who have high arches belong from the under-pronators category of the shoes.

The shoes specially made for running make your step easier and more comfortable. Also, these are the boots you can run in the better.


Drop is a difference between the heel to the lower front of the shoes.

An always used shoe was 12 mm, but later this trend went down and got to 8 mm. Now 8 mm is used chiefly for shoes.

If you can put your whole weight on your heels or take some training, you have to take the 7 mm high drop shoes.

Running Shoes vs. Basketball Shoes

Running shoes are those which you can use while walking or running anywhere. And the basketball shoes are the ones you can wear during the game.


You can move your feet quickly if they are designed for running in running shoes. And in basketball, you can move your feet quickly, but they are not suitable and comfortable for long distances.


The weight of the running shoes is significantly less. Because while running, a runner can never run faster with heavy shoes. And the weight of the basketball footwear is not much less like the running shoes.


Basketball boots are very supportive for the players because their construction is processed according to their comfortability. They support during the game and save your feet from injuries.


Soles of the running shoes are challenging because they will grip the earth when a person can run. And the standard soles like the basketball shoes for speed and other purposes have significantly softer soles.

Do people wear basketball sneakers to wear out?

As we have discussed, you cannot use the running boots for basketball, so you can not use the basketball sneakers for walking because there are some design issues in the stability of the basketball shoes.

How to break in basketball shoes fast?

If you are a basketball player and play the game daily, you will need to break while running on the ground. So break your speed and make yourself slower with the heavy gripped footwear. You can make your shoes more grippy by using another sharing method.

The athletic shoes have specialities to cover the grips on their steps. Their soles are significantly softer, and they support the ankles, save them from injuries, and make your steps easier.

But the other shoes, like running shoes, have some hand grips and are used just for running.

Can you wear running shoes every day?

Yes, you can wear them everywhere because they are made for jogging and running purposes. With their rugged soles, they have picked the steps easily on stones.

And you have to take the best running shoes for basketball because these have those specialties which are better for both purposes.

So when purchasing, make sure that you have to choose the best shoes for running outside, which will be highly supportive for you during your game.

Problems When Using Basketball Shoes for Running

There are a lot of problems that occurred during the use of basketball shoes for running.

The Main Problem is the Heel Cushioning

When you can use basketball shoes for your running purpose, you will never feel that your feet are touching the surface of the earth. Because there are designing effects on them, you will feel something wrong when placing your steps.

It is all due to the thickness of the sole of running shoes being too long. Also, they have rugged soles at the bottom, and they are some less grippy than the playing footwear.

The Second is the Flexibility

The basketball shoes have flexibility effects because at the start, and they are very flexible for the easier moving of the feet. But after some time, they lose this flexibility when you can use them for running purposes.

The best running sneakers are made for this purpose, and when you decide to run outside with them, you can do it because their design is according to the running.

Finally, We Should Not Use Basketball Shoes For Running Long Distances

Suppose you are confused about the use of basketball sneakers for running. We have discussed some of the problems you will face during this process in the upper part of the article.

So according to all of the purposes and problems you have never to use the basketball sneakers for outside running.

And if you have made your decision that you will use the basketball footwear in the running, then you need to check the specialties of the sneakers.

Tip for Running: Forefoot Strike Running

When you want to buy your running shoes, there are two different categories and styles. One is that some running sneakers are high heels.

In this style, the heels can touch the ground first. But you can face some severe problems with this style because there are ankle injuries and some knee problems.

You can face these problems while running, so you cannot run or even walk better than other simple days.

The second one is that there are no longer heels, also called low-top sneakers. With this type of boot, you can run better during the game. Also, you can save your body from severe injuries.

Along with them, you can choose the best sneakers for running with the basketball specialties.

But there are no specialties for the long run because there are no longer walking specialties.

Picking the Shoe

While picking the shoes, you should not have to choose those pairs which are not about your interests if you can choose the running boots, so they are not best for your gaming purposes.

And if you can choose the gaming sneakers, you can never run with them because these have different intentions in both types.

Make Sure You Know the Correct Fit

When you buy any shoes, confirm that your feet fit in the shoes. Because when you never fit in the shoes, your feet will never move in easy ways and never take your steps better.

Some people have to buy the shoes sometimes, but they can not wear them at that time. But after using them, they wear their boots and get smaller or bigger, so they feel bad.

So we are giving you a tip for buying the best basketball shoes with joggers, so make sure they fit in your feet.

Take the shoes from the best brands and see the sneakers’ better quality. Because in most cases, quality matters, not quantity.

With the best quality boots, you will use sneakers for the long run. Also, the order for the comfort sneakers makes your steps easier and better every time.

How many miles should a basketball player run a day?

It all depends on how many games you have played in a day. There are no correct calculations for how many miles you will run a basketball player.

If you can play a game regularly, you can make several miles daily for running purposes.

Can I use Jordans for running?

Yes, you can because all jordans good for running are suitable for running. If you choose the best pairs of shoes, our suggestion is to go for Nike running basketball shoes. These are shoes that will provide you with the support which you need.

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